Vietnamese Straight

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Vietnamese Silky Straight Hair Extensions are from the countryside of Vietnam. The hair is very thick and can be colored from its natural 1B color all the way to a #613 Blonde with ease. This is the finest quality hair you will run your fingers through.

  • Lengths:  10" - 30"
  • Wefts:  Machine Double Stitch
  • Style:  Silky Straight
  • Weight:  100 grams / 3.5 oz

Key Features:

  1. Authentic Vietnamese Hair: Crafted from premium-quality Vietnamese hair, these extensions are known for their exceptional softness and natural shine. They seamlessly blend with your own hair, creating a seamless, undetectable transformation.

  2. Sleek Elegance: Embrace the allure of perfectly straight hair. Whether you prefer a classic, polished finish or want to explore various styling options, our extensions provide a canvas for you to express your unique style.

  3. Uncompromising Quality: We take pride in sourcing and crafting extensions with meticulous attention to quality. These extensions are tangle-free, shed-resistant, and can be heat-styled to match your desired look.

  4. Comfortable and Secure Fit: Featuring a secure clip-in design, our Vietnamese Straight Hair Extensions ensure a comfortable and stable fit throughout the day. You can wear them with confidence and ease.

  5. Versatile Styling: From sleek and smooth to bouncy waves, our extensions adapt effortlessly to your styling preferences. Transform your look with ease, whether it's for a special occasion or an everyday style refresh.

  6. Instant Transformation: Achieve a fresh and refined look in minutes. Our Vietnamese Straight Hair Extensions offer a quick and convenient way to enhance your hair's length and volume without the commitment of permanent styling.

  7. Confidence Enhancement: Perfectly styled hair can boost your confidence and leave a lasting impression. With these extensions, you have the power to express your individuality with grace and poise.