Tulip Faux 3D Volume Lashes

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Tulip 3D Lashes

Experience the enchanting beauty of our Tulip Faux 3D Volume Lashes, an ode to nature's delicate marvels. These lashes are designed to capture the grace and allure of tulip petals, adding depth, volume, and a touch of romance to your gaze. Embrace the elegance of faux 3D volume lashes that celebrate the beauty of flowers.

Luxurious and Comfortable False Lashes.

Double and Triple Layered Faux 3D Volume Lashes

3D Lash Features

  • Hair: 3D Lashes
  • Style: Tulip
  • Color: Natural
  • Strip Lash

Bring the elegance of tulips to your everyday look. Whether you're strolling through a garden, attending a romantic dinner, or simply embracing the beauty of nature, our Tulip Faux 3D Volume Lashes are your secret to captivating, romantic eyes.