Lash Paste Liner

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Lash Paste Liner

It's a lash glue when wet and dries as an eyeliner!

This is our non-branded lash pate liner that sells great with all lashes. 

Key Features:

  1. Dual Functionality: The Lash Paste Liner serves as both an eyeliner and lash adhesive. It's a one-stop solution for creating stunning eye looks and securing your false lashes.

  2. Precision Application: The fine-tip applicator allows for precise and controlled liner application, ensuring you can achieve the perfect wing or cat-eye effortlessly.

  3. Secure Lash Adhesion: The Lash Paste Liner is formulated to provide a strong and reliable bond for your false lashes. Say goodbye to messy lash glue and hello to easy and clean lash application.

  4. Long-Lasting Hold: Once applied, your false lashes stay in place all day or night, even through challenging conditions such as humidity or active lifestyles.

  5. Gentle Removal: While providing a secure hold, the Lash Paste Liner is easy to remove with your preferred makeup remover, eliminating the hassle of stubborn residue.

  6. Enhanced Lash Volume: When used as an eyeliner, the Lash Paste Liner adds depth and definition to your eyes, enhancing the appearance of your natural lashes.

  7. Cruelty-Free Formula: Our Lash Paste Liner is created with ethical beauty practices in mind and is never tested on animals.

  8. Variety of Shades: Choose from a range of stunning eyeliner shades to complement your eye color and style preferences.

Liner ships with an equal amount of gold boxes. The liner is not shipped inside the gold boxes to allow for easier shipping. Once the items arrive you may place inside the gold box if you choose.