What Is a Hair Closure and How Can It Benefit You?

What Is a Hair Closure and How Can It Benefit You?

If you’re new to wearing hair pieces, the term “hair closure” might not be familiar to you. In fact, it might just sound weird. After all, why would your hair need any sort of closure? But a hair closure piece can be essential when wearing a weave and can actually have many benefits for you. Keep reading to learn more about what hair closures are and their benefits.

What Is a Hair Closure?

A hair closure is a hair piece that is most commonly made from lace, though it can also be made from silk. It is attached to a cornrow base, and secured around the perimeter of your hairstyle to help protect your natural hair and give you a more blended, natural look.

Silk versus Lace Closures

Before we get into the benefits of wearing a closure of any type, let’s discuss the pros and cons of the two types of hair closures on the market: silk and lace. As we already mentioned, lace is the most common choice, primarily because it is much thinner than silk closures. This allows the closure to lie flatter on your head, making the line of demarcation where your scalp ends and the closure beings a lot less obvious.

The downside of lace is that most bases will need to be bleached to match your scalp. Silk, on the other hand, does not need to be bleached, and they can look much more natural and similar to your own hair—provided you get them to seal down properly. Again, silk is not as thin as lace, so getting it to lie flat and smooth against your scalp and sealing it effectively can be difficult.

Of course, cost is also a factor. Lace costs a lot less than silk closures do, making lace closures the preferred option for most people. Now, let’s get into the tangible benefits of wearing a closure (of any kind) with your weave.

Protect Your Hair’s Health

The first benefit of a hair closure is that it provides a better way to blend your “leave out” without damaging your hair or impacting its health. Without a closure, many women will opt to chemically relax their hair or use a lot of heat to help better blend it with their weaves. But this type of repeated treatment to your hair can cause it to become thinner, shorter, and more brittle than the rest of your hair, causing irreparable damage to the strands. If you wear a closure instead, you make those kinds of treatments unnecessary, and protect your hair’s natural health and beauty.

Improved Appearance and Blending

As we just mentioned, wearing a weave often requires you to blend the leave out of your natural hair with the color and texture of your weave. If you don’t, your weave simply doesn’t look natural. But a hair closure fixes this issue. So long as you purchase a hair closure that matches your weave, you’ll have a perfect, natural-looking blend with hardly any effort at all.

Experiment without Damaging Your Hair

Experimenting with different colors and styles can be incredibly fun—but it can also be incredibly damaging to your hair. Bleaching and dyeing in particular can leave hair brittle, especially if you do it repeatedly. If you want to protect the natural health of your hair, but still experiment with colors and styles, a weave and hair closure can allow you to do this. Instead of experimenting on your own hair, you can experiment on your two hairpieces to find a color and look that you love; and, if you experiment on them both together, they’ll be perfectly matched for a flawless look without you having to alter a single hair on your own head.

Get Quality, Natural Hail Pieces

The key to finding a good hair closure is the same as finding a good hair piece of any kind: Stick with high-quality, natural human hair from a reliable seller. At Pure Heavenly Hair, we only sell hair pieces made from real human hair, helping you achieve that natural look that you’re going for by adding a hair closure.

Whether you’re looking for weaves, extensions, wigs, hair closures, or care products for any of your hair pieces, Pure Heavenly Hair has the quality, reliable products that you need. Visit our online store, or contact us today with any questions you may have, and we will help you find what you’re looking for.

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