Tips for Styling Your Hair When Wearing Extensions

Tips for Styling Your Hair When Wearing Extensions

If you’re new to using hair extensions, don’t panic: Pure Heavenly Hair’s extensions are made with natural human hair, which means they can be styled exactly the same way that you style your own hair—and they can be washed with the same products too! But if you’re looking for a few extra tips on properly caring for and styling your extensions, keep reading.

Wash Them a Bit Less

Yes, you can wash your hair extensions with the same products you use to wash your hair. However, you should wash them a bit less often. Your hair extensions do not become as oily as your own, natural hair because they’re not attached to your scalp. So, they simply don’t need to be washed as often. Of course, if you have sewn-in extensions that are not easily removed, you should wash them however often you wash your own hair. However, if you remove your extensions nightly, wash them every 13 to 18 wears, or whenever you begin to see a buildup of residue or general lack of shine in your extensions.

You can wash your extensions in a bowl using your own products, as we’ve already stated. Wet the extensions in a bowl of water, wash with shampoo, rinse, apply conditioner, rinse again, then towel off the hair. The important thing to note here is that you should avoid blow drying your extensions. Again, they don’t get the same oils from your scalp that your natural hair does, so they’re going to dry out much more easily if you use heat on them too often. Instead, hang them up to dry, spreading them out as flat as you can.

Tease Your Roots for More Support

If you have thin hair, you’re going to need a bit more support for your extensions. You can achieve this by teasing your hair’s roots with a comb before applying the wefts. Your extensions will stay more securely in place, so you can wear them with confidence throughout the day. This also helps to conceal the clips, elastics, or tapes used to attach your extensions. Bonus tip: Spray dry shampoo on both your natural hair and extensions after putting them in; this will help you more easily remove the extensions at the end of the day.

Apply Extensions Upside Down for a Layered Look

With our natural human hair extensions, you can pull off a layered look no matter how thin your natural hair is. The secret? Put your extensions in upside down! Tease your front hair as mentioned above and set a few wefts on your upper head before making your way downwards on your head, clipping the extensions in diagonally. This helps create a layered hairstyle without altering the length of your extensions.

Style Your Extensions before Application

In some cases, it makes the most sense to style your hair after your extensions have been put in. This is best if you’re using extensions only minimally, and want to ensure their styling blends naturally with your own hair. However, if you’re using extensions quite liberally throughout your hairstyle, it can be a good idea to style them before putting them in.

This is because styling wefts after their on your head can actually stress your hair’s roots. This leads to long-term hair damage. It’s better that, whenever possible, you put your extensions on a hanger and style them first. Placing them on a hanger allows you to say how the extensions fall when styled, so you can still achieve the right look before applying them to your own hair. Straighten, wave, curl, or apply any other style to your extensions, then apply them to your hair for an instant transformation. You can then touch up your natural hair in any way you feel is necessary to blend your hair and your extensions more seamlessly.

Stack Extensions for More Volume

Want thicker, fuller hair than a single layer of extensions will give you? Simply stack two wefts together to add natural-looking volume to your hair. No matter how thin your natural hair is, this stacking trick can allow you to wear just about any hairstyle. Just make sure that you don’t stack more than two wefts; any more than that will likely be too much weight for thin hair to support, and there’s a good chance the extensions won’t stay in place.

If you’re looking for natural, gorgeous, human hair extensions, Pure Heavenly Hair has exactly what you need. Pull off any look with total confidence, and love your hair again!

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