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Monthly Beauty Tips and Tricks

Monthly Beauty Tips and Tricks

The Dos and Don'ts of Coloring Your Hair Extensions

The hair extensions we sell here at Pure Heavenly Hair are made of 100% real hair, which means they can be colored just like your own hair! However, dyeing them at home can be a bit challenging, so if you’re not completely confident in your own abilities, you should have them dyed at the salon; essentially, if you’re not comfortable enough to dye your own hair, you shouldn’t be trying to dye your extensions either. Having your hair and extensions dyed at a salon at the same time ensures that you’ll get a perfect color match when the job is done. If you are dyeing your own hair at home and want to color your extensions as well, here are a few important tips to follow to ensure your hair extensions stay beautiful and healthy after the color has been applied.

Do Go Darker If You Can

If you want to make your extensions darker, this process is much easier to do from home than trying to lighten your hair extensions. So, when going darker, dyeing them in the comfort of your own home is a viable option. If, however, you want to go lighter, we strongly recommend that you take your extensions to a salon.

Dyeing your extensions (or your own hair) a lighter color requires bleaching, lightening, or highlighting, which is a complex process that could damage your extensions if not done properly. We also recommend that you only do this with virgin hair extensions—ones that have not been dyed before. We only sell virgin hair extensions, so if you haven’t dyed them yourself, you can take any of our natural hair extensions to a salon to be lightened.

Do Use Real Human Hair

As mentioned above, we only sell 100% real human hair extensions, so they can be dyed and colored just like your own hair. If, however, you purchased your extensions from somewhere else, make sure you know exactly what they’re made from. If they are made from any material other than natural human hair, you should not try to color them. Different materials will respond to coloring differently, and some may not hold color at all. If your extensions are not real human hair and you want to change up your color, you’re better off simply buying new extensions in the color you want.

Don't Forget Supplies

Now that we’ve covered some basic information, you’re ready to start gathering your supplies. Of course, the primary supply you’ll need is the right color for your extensions. It’s best to use color from a professional line of products; boxed color from a grocery store isn’t going to let you choose a developer for your extensions, and you want to ensure you’re using a 10-volume developer or demi-permanent color. We recommend a subtle color change to avoid damage to your extensions.

In addition to the color and developer, you’ll need the following:

  • Hair color gloves
  • Color bowl
  • Color brush
  • Tin foil
  • Plastic wrap
  • Wide-tooth comb
  • Towel

You will also need access to a deep container for rinsing, like a clean sink, a large mixing bowl, or a plastic bucket. And remember, this can be messy, so spread out some of that tinfoil to prevent color from getting on surfaces.

Don’t Forget to Prep

Before you dive into color, you need to prep your extensions. It’s a good idea to wash them in a bowl of water along with two or three dollops of shampoo. You should wash them one weft at a time. Hold the weft at the top with one hand, submerge it in the water, and gently wash it while avoiding rubbing or tangling the hair. Allow them to air dry completely, then comb them out before moving on to coloring.

Do Follow Manufacturer’s Instructions

The remaining process for coloring your extensions should be the same as coloring your own hair, so you can follow the instructions provided on the box for mixing and applying your color. Be sure to let the color set for as long as recommended, then shampoo the extensions with a sulfate-free, moisturizing or color-friendly formula. We also recommend a sulfate-free deep conditioning treatment to reintroduce any moisture the extensions might have lost in the dyeing process.

Caring for your extensions properly, including using the right process for dyeing your extensions, can help ensure that they stay healthy for longer. Your Pure Heavenly Hair extensions should take the color beautifully and naturally, so you can achieve the look you’re going for.

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