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Monthly Beauty Tips and Tricks

Monthly Beauty Tips and Tricks


The Benefits of Buying Your Hair Pieces in a Set
When you first begin wearing hair pieces, it makes sense to buy only one or two pieces at a time, as you discover what you like and what works well for you. However, if you’re someone who wears hair pieces on an almost daily basis—and especially if you wear multiple pieces at once—you should seriously consider buying a full set of hair pieces in bulk. What are the benefits of doing this? Keep reading to find out.
Exact Color Match
Matching your hair pieces to your hair is hard enough; matching your hair pieces to each other can be even more difficult if you’re buying them one at a time. This is especially true if you’re buying your hair pieces from multiple sources (which we definitely don’t recommend). Even very slight differences in undertone can become glaringly obvious in direct sunlight, completely destroying an attempt at a natural look. Rather than having to dye your hair pieces every time you buy a new one, you can buy a full set that comes perfectly pre-matched. All the pieces will have the exact same tone, the same undertones, and will catch the light in the exact same way so that your hair looks naturally flawless.
Exact Texture Match
Many people who don’t use hair pieces fail to realize that you have to match more than just the color; you also have to match the texture of the pieces to your hair and to each other. A piece with a slightly different wave to it or an extension that has finer hair than the others will stand out like a sore thumb you put them in. The bulk sets we carry include 20 different hair pieces that are all the exact same texture. Again, this is extremely important in helping you achieve a natural look with your hair pieces.
Try New Hair Piece Types
Some women become so committed to a single type of hair piece that they don’t branch out. Have you ever tried adding a frontal hair piece when wearing a wig? What about ditching the wig and trying out some extensions instead? Trying out new things can be a great way to discover a beautiful new look for yourself. When you buy one of our bulk sets, you’ll get a variety of hair pieces so that you can try them all, and creating as many gorgeous hairstyles as you desire.
Try Different Lengths

How often do you vary the length of your hairstyles? The great thing about extensions is that you can go from short and sassy to long and luxurious hair whenever you want to—but only if you have the right extensions to do it. Our package deals include sew-in extensions in five different lengths (12”, 14”, 16”, 18” and 20”) so that you can experiment with the length of your hair whenever you want to, and find the perfect hair length for any style and any occasion.
Complete Your Look
For certain hairstyles, it’s actually quite important to pair your extensions with closures to achieve a more natural look. If you’re only buying extensions, your hair pieces are going to be much more obvious. Our bulk packages include two closures (12” and 14”) to help you complete your look. These closures will seamlessly blend with the hair extensions to give you a more natural-looking part and help you to feel completely confident that your extensions won’t be easy to spot.
Cost Savings
Buying in bulk is always a great way to save money, particularly if what you’re buying doesn’t go bad. Your hair pieces can last for years, provided you take proper care of them, and with 20 in a set, you’ll likely even have backups for your hair pieces on hand when they start to age. In the long run, this can save you hundreds of dollars, all while giving you the best hair pieces around, in every type available, and in your perfect shade and texture match.
Check out our online store to see the bulk hair piece sets we have available, and find the ideal set to help you feel like your very best self. Not interested in a bulk package deal? We also offer smaller bundle deals that give you more pieces for less! Explore our shop or contact us today to find out more about our genuine, virgin hair products.
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