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Monthly Beauty Tips and Tricks

Monthly Beauty Tips and Tricks

How to Get a Perfect Match for Your Hair Extensions

Hair extensions can be a beautiful way to mix up look and get long, luxurious locks without the full-time commitment of long hair. In order to get that flawless look, however, it’s essential that your hair extensions are a perfect match to your hair color. How can you ensure you get a perfect match? Here are a few tips that will help.

Match to the Ends of Your Hair

When trying to match your hair extensions, make sure that you’re comparing their color to the color of your hair ends. When you put in your extensions, your natural hair will lay over the top of them, and the extensions will blend with the ends of your hair. So, if you have an ombre hair color, for example, you’ll want to blend the extensions with the color at your tips, rather than at your roots, for a more natural look.

Even if you have your natural hair color, the color at the roots will often be slightly different than the color from the middle of your hair shaft to the tips. And of course, if you’ve dyed your hair, those roots will grow out to be a different color; you want your extensions to continue matching the color from mid-shaft to the tips.

Consider Two-Tone Colors

Many women have more than one tone in their hair color. Depending on your hair, you may need two-tone hair extensions rather than extensions of a single color. This is especially common for blondes, who often have three or four tones in their hair color. By opting for two-tone hair extensions, you’ll get a much more natural look and give your hair more dimension while getting a better match to your current hair color.

In some cases, you may even want to consider buying two sets of extensions in different colors, which you can then use to create a fuller, more natural match to your multi-toned hair color.

Remember the Texture

It’s not just color that can differ when it comes to hair; texture can be quite different too. These differences aren’t just limited to different races either. While the texture differences between Caucasian hair and African American hair might be obvious, even hair within the same race can be extremely different. Try to find extensions that have a similar texture to your own hair in order to get a better match.

Obviously, this is much easier to do if you’re buying those extensions in person. However, it’s not impossible to do online. Just be thorough about reading the description and any reviews you can find about the specific product you’re considering. This should help you to get a better understanding of whether the hair is thick, fine, coarse, or some other texture that will better match your own hair.

Be Prepared to Dye It

Sometimes, achieving the perfect match is impossible. Your hair is uniquely you, and you might not be able to find the exact shade you need. But that’s okay! Just like your own hair, hair extensions can be dyed, which means you can achieve the perfect match by dying your hair and the extensions to be the same color.

This is one of the reasons that it’s so important to purchase hair extensions that are made from natural human hair. Synthetic materials simply won’t dye the same way that natural hair does. Achieving that perfect match is impossible—even with the exact same shade of dye—if the material doesn’t take the color in the same way as your hair. With natural human hair extensions, you can treat them and dye them exactly as you would your own hair, and get the exact match you need.

Make Note of What You Got

Once you buy your hair extensions, be sure to make a note of exactly what you got, including the brand, style name, color, and so on. Take a picture of the packaging or write these details down somewhere so you don’t forget them. This way, if you really did find the perfect match, you can make sure to purchase the exact same shade again. Or, if the match wasn’t quite right, you can make note of what was off and use that to guide you on your next purchase. For example, if what you bought was just a shade too light, you can look at that manufacturer’s product lineup and find extensions that are one shade darker, helping you get that perfect match.

If you’re looking for your perfect hair extensions, check out our products here at Pure Heavenly Hair to find natural human hair extensions that will give you the look you desire.

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