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Monthly Beauty Tips and Tricks

Monthly Beauty Tips and Tricks

Benefits of Wearing Frontals with Your Hair Extensions

Frontal hairpieces can be the perfect addition when wear weaves, wigs, and other natural hair extensions. Frontals lay on your hairline, covering it from temple to temple, or wrapping around your entire hairlines. They’re quickly growing in popularity, and are now being worn almost as often as natural hair extensions! Why are frontals so popular, and why should you consider wearing one with your extensions? Keep reading to find out.

Reduces Installation Time for Hair Extensions

One reason women love to wear frontals is that it significantly cuts down on the installation time for hair extensions. Putting in your hair extensions can take anywhere from two to four hours, depending on the style you’re going for. Using a lace frontal wig would take less than an hour. Using a front with extensions or bundle hair takes roughly one to one and a half hours. If you want to achieve a natural-looking hairstyle without taking up an entire afternoon, frontals can make a big difference.

Restores Your Hairline

If you have a thinning hairline, frontals can help you to recreate that hairline without worrying about causing any further damage to that section of your scalp. Frontals can be customized to blend with your natural hairline, and are known for blending seamlessly with your scalp. They can be parted just like your own hairline, creating natural-looking edges that are full and healthy looking.

Makes Wigs and Extensions Look More Natural

Speaking of a natural look, frontal pieces as a whole help to make other hair pieces (including hair extensions and wigs) to look more natural when you’re wearing them. Wigs and extensions will blend better into your hairline when you have a natural-looking frontal on as well. Frontals allow you to wear wigs and weaves without concern about those hair pieces being noticeable to others. Many women who wear frontals say that they help make it look as if their wigs and extensions are entirely natural hair growth.

Gives You More Versatility in Styling

While our natural hair extensions can be styled just like your own hair, you do have to take into consideration how the style you choose will look with extensions—or, how that style will look on a wig, if you’re wearing a wig instead. Will curling the hair a certain way, for example, show where the extension is attached? Frontals help with issues like these, creating a natural-looking hairline that allows you to style your hair in virtually any way you would style your natural hair. From deep parts to ponytails and up-dos, a frontal hair piece makes it possible to style your hair pieces any way you desire without worrying about it looking unnatural.

Provides Protective Styling Opportunities

Wearing a lace frontal allows you to try different hairstyles while continuing to protect your own natural hair. Daily styling, heating, and manipulation of your hair can lead to damage, split ends, breakage, and thinning around your hairline. A frontal is a protective hair piece that can allow you to try new hairstyles without concern for your hair’s overall health. If your hair already has some damage to it, a frontal can be especially helpful, allowing you to moisturize and rehydrate your natural hair without having to sacrifice your sense of style!

Offers Breathability and Comfort

If you opt to wear a frontal piece instead of a wig, you’ll quickly notice the difference in terms of breathability and comfort for your scalp. Wigs often have to be worn with wig caps, which don’t allow your scalp to breath. But lace frontals allow for constant airflow around the scalp, and can be worn comfortably all day long. While frontals do work well in addition to a wig, helping it to look more natural, lace frontals with extensions can also be an excellent substitute for a wig altogether, giving you the hairstyle you’re looking for without having to smother your scalp in a wig cap.

Provides Long-Lasting Style

Finally, frontal hair pieces can last for quite a long time. When installed using lace tape or glue, a frontal can last between two and three weeks without needing to be retouched. Your frontal will continue to look entirely natural from one week to the next, even when getting tossed about by the wind.

In short, frontals are an excellent investment to make if you want to your other hair pieces to look more natural, you want a fuller hairline, or you want to protect your natural hair while still pulling off trending hairstyles. Check out our online store here at Pure Heavenly Hair to find frontals, natural hair extensions, and more. 

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